Exclusive Oasis: Discover the Secret Garden of Montecatini Alto

Welcome to “Giardino di Luigi Bignozzi”, the only restaurant in Montecatini Alto offering an exclusive panoramic garden for an unforgettable culinary experience. Choose between exclusive or non-exclusive access to our garden and enjoy breathtaking views accompanied by our excellent cuisine.

Exclusive Garden Reservation For a completely private experience, book our garden for the entire day at a cost of €900. This offer is ideal for those seeking privacy and personalized service, suitable for both couples and groups. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the event. Payment for the full exclusivity of the garden can be made via PayPal here.

Dedicated Chef Add a special touch with a dedicated chef for an additional €200. The chef will be at your complete disposal to fulfill all your culinary requests. Payment for the dedicated chef can be made via PayPal here.

Non-Exclusive Access to the Garden If you wish to visit our garden without opting for exclusivity, we offer access for €10 per table, for up to four people. The service will be à la carte, with cover and consumptions paid separately. Payment for non-exclusive access can be made via PayPal PayPal here.

Make sure to experience an unforgettable day in our panoramic garden, a gem of Montecatini Alto.

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